Aug 22, 2019 · Car leaking a fair amount of water from under the front of the car. Air conditioner is not on. Have only driven one mile. Puddle is about 10x10 inches. You can see trail of water before I park. Not coming from tail pipes. There is also approximately a 10x10 area of water that has formed before I park the car. No lights have come on.. Thanks for the links guys, mine is not gonna be the stickers in the door frame at least not for now, mine is coming in at the top of the windshield, I pulled the headliner back and poured water on the top of the windshield and I can see it dripping in so it's either a bad seal on the factory windshield or it's leaking in on a bad body seem right at the top edge of the drivers side of the. The most common place for a transmission fluid leak on a front-wheel-drive vehicle is on the axle seals of the car. Meanwhile, the transmission fluid leak near the output shaft seal in the rear. Thus if you observe a leak, you need to pull the dipstick and observe the oil level. Differential fluid leaks. Aug 18, 2015 · Leak is not small Leak it's like pouring stream of water. Definitely not normal, presuming you have the door fully closed and windows all the way up (note there is a car wash mode to automate things). Model 3 Owner's Manual | Tesla. Note if you the door was not fully closed, sometimes the window may be open a crack.. "/> Water leaking from front of car
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